Monday, July 11, 2011

A good weekend

This weekend was good... NO, GREAT!

I enjoyed Saturday, especially leaving the driveway on my motorcycle for a day in the sun, and waving goodbye to my hubby as he was out in the front lawn, cutting the grass as instructed. There was a twinge of guilt, and I expect I'll continue to have that from time to time, but having him looking all masculine, out there cutting the grass at my instructions, added to the vibration of my motorcycle... let's just say I was one Happy Wife. LOL!!

Sunday, he took care of the chores, and errand running, while I had "girls day out" with Mom and Daughter, having a nice lunch, and getting pedicures. Then, that night, he took me out for a very nice dinner, and a GREAT Sarah McLaughlin concert at Red Rocks. When we finally got home, we were both too tired for any play, but I did tell him that he definately earned a reward with all his "good behavior" this weekend, and told him to tell me what he would like as a reward. He told me he didn't know. I told him if he didn't pick something, he could be rewarded with a popsicle in his ass while getting a spanking. LOL He came up with a good reward pretty quick. He said he wants to go to Mon Chalet ( We both really enjoy visiting here, so I think I'll be planning that soon.

Now, we've got two BUSY weeks to get the house ready for a farewell party for our military-bound daughter. I will help, of course, but my dear hubby will be busy every day, every night with chores & projects so that I won't be embarrassed when our friends and family come to our house to celebrate my daughter's future. It will be a good test, I think, for our "trial period" for this WLM gig.

I think some play, some orgasm denial, of course with lots of edging, is in order for this next phase. Perhaps, if the party goes well, I'll allow him some release. I know that there are a lot of folks in FLRs that believe that a chaste hubby is a good hubby, but I don't know... I mean, I can see going for a week or so, maybe even 3 or 4, but see, I *like* seeing my hubby cum. I like how much he likes cumming inside me. It makes me feel hot & sexy. I like his (my) cock, and how it feels inside me. So, no... I don't think I'll be making him refrain THAT much. Plus, my hubby is bi, and I REALLY like MMF 3somes, so, yea.... I see orgasms in his future - but, under MY orders, when I want, when I am ready. :)

Another thing I want to try, after our daughter leaves home, is to start having him cook dinner for me in the nude. Of course, this won't work as well when he's grilling, but still. I ran the idea past him, and I think he got hard just thinking about it. I think that will be fun!

I am concerned, that I need to make sure that hubby always knows that I love and respect him, while we are finding our way through this WLM. I never want him to resent me, or feel like things aren't "fair" or like I see him as any less of a man than he is - I love and adore him, and I need to make sure that he always knows that, even when he's being submissive and subservient. How do you make that happen?


  1. Nice post! Glad you had a great weekend!
    LOL, you had me with threatening hubby with a popsicle in his ass!! (maybe I want that myself, ha!?)
    Looks like some good fun ahead for both -- and more free time for you!
    There is a a good array of aprons you can find for those "outside grilling occasions:. :)

  2. Had to chuckle, as Suzy and I have also talked about me cooking (I am the primary cook in our household) in the nude when the kids leave the nest. Or maybe a skimpy apron like in your photo, with lots of access. In fact, I really enjoy the added vulnerability of a CFNM (clothed female, naked male) situation.

    I think your orgasm denial time of a matter of weeks is more realistic than your first post (90 days?). As a sub, I feel loved when my wife plans out our sessions and is assertive. Like when SHE locks the door to our bedroom and when she comes out in a sexy little thing. Confidence is sexy! The teasing (verbal and physical) and "edging" piece also makes me feel loved. You might want to try a "ruined" orgasm as it brings in some relief to our plumbing system but little or no drop in horniness.

    I am curious about "Mon Chalet". What do you do there? Is it a hotel?


  3. Weave,

    Thanks! Yea, I got a chuckle out of the idea of the Popsicle as well. I really like my Popsicle, and I've noticed that the ones I get are PERFECTLY shaped for his tight bum. I love my husband's ass. I'm an ass girl, and I always liked his butt, but after he lost 70 pounds, HOT DAMN baby I like it soo much more now!

    But I digress.

    We don't have a lot of privacy in our back yard, and our neighbors, who I really like, are often out in their yard. The wife has a rose garden that's about 10 feet from where we keep our grill, so if he were out there grilling wearing nothing but an apron, she would surely notice, and I really don't want to go there. I don't want our friendship with them to be strained in any way.

    But the idea of him cooking in the house wearing nothing but an apron really turns me on. Especially after last night. I'll tell more in a post later. :)

  4. lovetosubmit,

    I agree - the 90 day time frame just isn't realistic for us. Maybe down the road, I don't know. I did tell him yesterday that a couple weeks is what I'm looking at, and he really surprised me. He said, "I think that would be good. I think that I need orgasm denial to be a better sub for you." or something like that. I asked him to elaborate, and he said just that he agrees with what we've read, and that he also feels that orgasm denial is a good way for me to keep him under my thumb.

    So, I told him he won't be having an orgasm until after the party we are having on the 23rd. I told him if the party goes well, my house is clean and I'm not embarassed, and he makes a good host, everything goes off without a hitch, then he'd definitely be looking at some orgasmic fun. But, if not, then we'll have to revisit things again later. He seemed really encouraged by that, and I was relieved. I don't want him too scared. Not now. We also agreed to revisit the whole concept of WLM on his 40th birthday, which marks about the one month mark since we started trying this whole thing out.

    We have messed around in the past with edging, ruined orgasms, and prostrate milking, and I imagine that as things go on, we'll play with these things again. Edging is already something that's entered back into the picture. I just LOVE the way he looks and sounds when he's so close to coming. Ruined orgasm is something I'm still trying to understand. In my book, an orgasm is an orgasm. So how could cumming NOT be relief? And, milking the prostrate - well, I'm sorry but inside the butt is NOT a place I like to hang out very much, and my fingers aren't quite long enough to get the prostrate without really digging for gold, and that just kind of grosses me out. We even bought latex gloves last year so that I wouldn't get so grossed out. Although, I am willing to try it again, because like I said, he's lost 70 pounds since then, and perhaps it'll be a bit easier to get to now. :)

    I'll write more about Mon Chalet later, but basically it's an adult-themed hotel. They have suites, that each have a sexy bed, mirrors on the wall and ceiling, and each has a sex swing that attaches above the bed, plus other amenities. They also offer a pool pass for the "clothing optional" pool (it's really more like a "group sex area"), that sports a great heated pool, two hot tubs, a shower, and a public bed for play, and with porn playing on a movie screen over the pool. It's pretty cool - if you could pick and choose who you are partying with, that is. :) Like I said, more on that later.