Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introducing Christina

WOW!!! Last night was a BLAST. As Plan A failed to materialize, Plan B sprang into action. Now, just so you guys don't think I'm "all that," Plan B was invented on the fly. LOL!!!

As Plan A failed, I instructed my hubby to go into the spare room and take down all the stuff I'd set up for us to play. As he was doing that, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do instead, when I glanced in our bedroom and noticed an old outfit that I'd set on the bed when I was going through our stuff. An outfit that I wore when we tried "this D/s stuff" before - back when he and I were both about 70 pounds heavier. I'd pulled that outfit out of our "toybox" and set it aside because I knew there was no way it was going to fit me anymore without looking ridiculous. And that's what it hit me. The size I was then, is exactly the size he is NOW. Enter the "ah-hah" moment.

So, I instructed hubby to do "the outside chores" first, because I had plans for him for afterwards when I close the windows and not worry about the neighbors. :) So, he cleaned off the back patio and put the stuff I'd put out there in the garage for safe keeping, and then came up to the bedroom to tell me he was done. I instructed him to undress.

Once he was naked, I grabbed the thong from the outfit, and helped him into it, like Mommy helps her little boy get dressed. Then, I put the top on him. The top has pre-shaped bra cups, so it immediately made him look like he had boobs. I swear, if I had a cock attached to MY body, it would have jumped up hard so fast I would have gotten a black eye. That was a surprise for me. LOL!!

So I stood him in front of the mirror, and asked him how he liked it, what he thought. He told me he thought it was pretty and sexy, and I agreed. He turned around to head downstairs to go do the rest of his chores, but I stopped him, and led him into the bathroom, sat him on the toilet, and told him I'd be right back.

I'm not a big makeup wearer - so it took me a little while to gather everything I needed, but soon I returned with foundation, mascara, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. And I proceeded to do his makeup. He sat very dutifully, and tried hard to stay still, open his eyes wide, pucker up appropriately. I really enjoyed doing his makeup, but I did decide that if we do this a lot in the future, he's going to need to learn to do his own. After I'd finished, I took a step back, and then told my NEW sub, Christina, what a pretty girl she is.

I stood her in front of the full-length bathroom mirror, and watched her check herself out. The "I am pretty!" smile that came across her face reminded me of other times, when I've seen girls first look in the mirror after a makeover. It warmed my heart.

Downstairs we went, to the kitchen, where my little sub belonged. She had some tasks to take care of, not just the chores that had been assigned, but also some homemade beer needed brewing for an upcoming party. So it was perfect - she would be washing dishes, cleaning out the refrigerator, and slaving over a hot stove tonight. I told her to pour me a glass of wine and get started.

Wine in hand, I was able to look at my hubby a different way, and it was GOOD. See, I'm bi. I love the female body. I would love to have a submissive girl to pamper and adore. And my hubby, well, he looked pretty good, all things considered. So, as Christina stood at the kitchen sink, I decided, if this were my sub girl, I would take advantage of this situation, so why be any different just because my favorite cock is beneath that red lace? So I walked up behind Christina, and whispered in her ear, "you are so pretty, I just want to touch you and play with you and fuck the shit out of you." and I grabbed her hips and steadied, them, and then bent over over the kitchen sink, and started grinding my hips into her ass. "I love it when you do that," she sighed. I then took her hips in both my hands, and started pounding her from behind, telling her how badly I wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock. I'm surprised she didn't cum right then and there.

In the hot kitchen, we both started to work up a sweat, so I walked away, and went to a cooler room, and told her to get back to her tasks. She asked me if she could have a glass of wine, and I told her she had to wait. I sat at my computer, and did some surfing, while she busied herself in the kitchen, but frequently she came to me seeking attention and affection. Happy to oblige, I'd play with her genitals, stroking her and getting her close to cumming, talking to her about all the things she loved to hear about, and then backing off when I could tell she was ready to explode, and send her back into the kitchen. We played that game for a while.

After a bit, I was so horny I could kill. So I told Christina that at her next "break" in the brewing process, she needed to come upstairs and service me. I went up, and layed in bed and read a magazine until she appeared. I continued to read my magazine while she serviced me. But then she started to get a little too into it, and I began to suspect she was enjoying it more than me, which just cannot be, so I stopped her, and sent her back down to the kitchen.

While she finished her job in the kitchen, I went downstairs and turned on the TV, and watched TV until it was time to go to bed. Christina joined me after a while, and it was nice having my new girl next to me on the couch, looking pretty in the lingerie and collar. Then, when it was time for bed, I removed her collar, and we retired for the night and discussed how each of us felt about this new experience, and we both decided we liked it, and will do it again sometime. Not quite yet, but it will happen again. :)


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  1. Love what you did to Christina!! Good fun! :D Keep it up!