Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A side note

I'm relatively new to blogging, and to Blogger. I started this blog under my normal gmail account, that has my first & last name. I tried to create my profile & everything so that I was still "anonymous" but I'm afraid that if people I know go looking around too much, they will be able to follow my name to this blog. This is not okay with me - I mean there are SOME people that I'm okay with it, but, for example, my Mother In Law is not one of those people.

So - Is my blog really not attached to my real name & gmail account? I tried to find a way to associate it with another gmail account, but I can't seem to make that work right....

Any suggestions would be great.



  1. I did the exact same thing. All I did was go make a new email account first then I just logged back on to blogspot and went under my account and you can change your address and all your other info over there. I hope that worked anyway....seemed to. -P

  2. Thanks Princess!! I think I figured it out! Thanks so much for your help. It took me a little longer than it should have, but hey... I got there. :)