Monday, July 11, 2011

Uh oh... a child free night

Found out we're going to be alone tonight.... What's a girl to do? Oh wait. I remember... WHATEVER I WANT TO. :)


  1. Well, plan A failed - hubby came home with a bit of an upset tummy - and I've learned the hard way that bondage & inserting gifts into interesting holes...doesn't mix well with an upset tummy.

    So, Plan B. He's doing his outside chores right now - then when he comes inside, I am dressing him up in some old lingerie I used to wear before we both lost 70 pounds each... and he's going to do the rest of his chores wearing red lingerie, as well as brew his beer for our upcoming party in a couple of weeks. :D I can't wait to try to get him to screw up his beer!

  2. Haha.....that upset stomach bit was funny..gave me a laugh anyway. Stinks that your plan A didn't work out but hey... it's always fun watching your husband running around in lingerie doing chore's while you sit back with a nice cold drink and relax :) -P

  3. Hi Princess,

    Thanks for your comment! Yea, it's a bummer that Plan A didn't work out, but it's like I told the hubby, if we do this right, we'll have plenty of other opportunities. He felt really bad, but I just made him take down everything I'd set up for our play session, and told him, "in a couple weeks, all our nights will be child-free, so we'll have other opportunities." He seemed relieved to hear that. Plus, honestly, the way the night wound up going, I think it did more for us in terms of building the basis for our WML adventure, than the play session that I had planned would have.